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If your manager is engaging in any of these 3 toxic behaviours, they shouldn't be a manager.

Have you ever worked for a manager or boss that you couldn't stand? Was it because of their personality? their management style? Did they possess toxic traits that put you off work? 
I have definitely come across a few incompetent leaders in the past. Although it was a pain to deal with them then, I'm glad I had that experience, because it taught me what NOT to do as a manager and how IMPORTANT a positive mindset and setting a good example for your team really is.
Today, I'd like to share with you the 3 toxic traits that I've come across in the workplace. I think that putting these out there might be helpful for some people - it'll help you notice when someone engages in those or when it's you that's acting this way toward your colleagues.

1. Lack of professionalism: 

I once had a manager who would give out to you for the smallest, most insignificant mistake just because he wasn't in a good mood on that particular day. I also had a female manager at one poi…

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